The Berlin-based mentorship program for people in tech

Jolt is a free program for those who want to get started in tech or learn new skills. Jolt is brought to you by WATTx, Berlin’s deep tech company builder.

Why we believe in mentoring

Jolt originated from the belief that collaboration makes us stronger. Mentoring is a chance to share knowledge, talk about experiences and grow together. As tech makers, we feel the need to learn continuously, be it in trying out the latest frameworks and methodologies or in discussing any topics related to new technologies. We want to share what we learn.

Please note that the first mentorship batch kicked off at the 5th of November and that you can't apply for the initial mentorship batch any longer . The next batch will start in Q1, 2019. Interested applicants can still apply, but their application will be treated like an application for the second batch.

Meet your new mentor

How the mentorship works


Pick the mentor that matches best what you want to learn. Be clear on why you are applying and fill the form.

Pair Up

Jolt is based on one-to-one mentoring. If selected, you will get a chance to meet, chat and get to know your mentor before officially starting the program.

Work on a project

The mentoring is based on a project that you define together with your mentor and that lasts for 3 months. Twice a month, you meet to track your progress and get feedback on your work.

Be proactive

We expect you to shape your own project. Take initiative and ask questions to help your mentor understand how to pass on their knowledge.

Get coached

Make the most of your time with your mentor - expect to be challenged but don’t expect them to do the work for you.

We encourage diversity

We would like to encourage applications from people of diverse backgrounds. It's always good to have different perspectives.


Contact Karo Hajduk with any questions you have concerning Jolt.